Joan Miro: An Exceptional Surrealist

Joan Miro is a highly-acclaimed Surrealist artist. Like most of his contemporaries, he denounced conventional painting, believing that participating in such activity is tantamount to supporting the bourgeois society. Instead, he moved towards anything that would contrast the typical landscape of these paintings. He found this through his works on Surrealism. Miro successfully produced some … More Joan Miro: An Exceptional Surrealist

Brad Holland: A Self-Taught Artist

Brad Holland is one illustrator that has gained worldwide recognition for his talent and his works. A critically-acclaimed artist, Holland’s works have been widely published in The New York Times, Vanity Fair and Time, among others. It’s clearly not an easy feat for an illustrator, much more for a self-taught artist. Holland started working at … More Brad Holland: A Self-Taught Artist