Art Collections

A house that has art collections that have been collected over a period of time serves as a statement about the personality of a people as well as the passion that specific individuals have. Such art collections also serve to increase the aesthetic value of a house while providing a great platform of passing down … More Art Collections

Freud’s Apparent Influence in Surrealism

Looking at the various artworks of Surrealists, one cannot deny the inherent influence of Sigmund Freud in them. It is prevalent that the artists allowed the unconscious and subconscious parts of their minds to prevail, working their way to reveal the innermost desires akin to human emotions. These dreamy imageries and inner revelations, those that … More Freud’s Apparent Influence in Surrealism

Welcome to Jenn’s Art Blog/ Submission guideline club!

Hi This is Jenn (Jeehyun) Moon, and I will be your administrator for this art organization. In this online based club we would do (in order) these sessions on: Critique (other people’s artwork) Working on personal artist statement Working on art descriptions Participating in competitions Throughout the process, it would take about two weeks per … More Welcome to Jenn’s Art Blog/ Submission guideline club!