Christian art is sanctified art that uses imagery from Christianity. The most common subjects in Christian art are images of Jesus and some scenes from Old Testament. Images of saints and Virgin Mary are rare in Protestant but common in Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic. Christianity makes use of images more than any other religion. … More CHRISTIAN ART

Avoid this Mistake in Watercolor Painting

Everyone makes mistakes, but it’s good when you can easily avoid them in advance. You can save money and time when it comes to watercolor painting by learning from pros. Today’s article will focus how to avoid mistakes when painting flowers or leaves. It is confusing when you buy colors from different companies. This difference … More Avoid this Mistake in Watercolor Painting

Artistic personality

Have you ever wondered if you have an artistic personality? If yes, today will tell you the general nature of artists. If you do not use your mind and hands to make new things, then you are probably not an artist. Artists appreciate unstructured activities and beauty. Artists are sensitive to feelings, form, sound and … More Artistic personality