The Difference Between Oils and Acrylic-Paints

Image result for The difference between oils and acrylic-paintsWhile painting, one of the most important decisions you should make is what type of paint to use. The two main types of paint are oil and acrylic paint. Acrylic or oil, which one is the best choice?

To the naked eye, both types of paints seem identical. However, this is not the case. Although both are used to make beautiful artworks, they have important differences that you must consider as a painter.


Acrylic paint is soluble in water, while traditional oil paint needs a paint-thinning solution, such as linseed, to mix.

Cleaning brushes

Acrylic paint brushes are mostly cleaned with water. However, brushes used for oil paint repel water. Therefore, a paint-thinning solution is used to clean brushes.

Speed of drying

Oil paint dries very slowly while acrylic paint dries quickly. Depending on the thickness of paint, oil painting can take days to dry completely.

Quality of dried paint

Once acrylic paint dries, it cannot be altered. On the other hand, oil paint can be re-moistened and altered.

Colour of dried paint

Acrylic paint will dry slightly darker than when it appears when wet. Therefore, mix a colour that is slightly lighter, as the paint will dry a little darker. On the other hand, oil paint dries pretty much the same colour.



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