How to Paint Flames of Fire

Image result for How to Paint Flames of FirePainting fire can appear difficult at first. To the novice artist, the way in which fire moves and flickers can make it appear intimidating. However, understanding fire, how it flickers and several shades of warm colour within it, can make it easier.

Things you need to have in order to paint fire include acrylic paint or oil paints in black, yellow, white and red; a medium-sized brush; an old lag; water for acrylics or paint thinner for oils; and paint surface.

Whether you are using acrylics or oils, chose your colour palette first. Choose the colour you want for the background. The darkest colour is the best. Select yellow and red for the flames. Mix various degrees of yellow and red to get different shades of orange. At your disposal, you should have light yellow, followed by orange and finally red, all with varying degrees.

Traditionally, paint the background dark or black. Once the background becomes dry, choose a medium sized paint and make a basic shape of the fire. You should know that different flames within the fire have different height.

Paint all the flames red. Then paint the lower 4/5th of the fire using Orange. After that, paint the lower 3/5th of the fire using yellow. Finally, add a white paint in the centre of the fire.

Practice painting flames of fire using several references photos. After getting comfortable with the basics, use reference pictures with more detailed backgrounds.



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