Art During Sung Dynasty in China (960 – 1179)

The Sung Dynasty artists created very fascination artworks. During that time, one could find birds, animals, and human and flowers that were not only depicted in manner and shapes, but had their emotions, aspirations and ideas captured by the artists. The Sung Dynasty marked great development in traditional Chinese painting. During this period, the main … More Art During Sung Dynasty in China (960 – 1179)

Magic Realism Movement

Magical realism is paintings, literature, and films that, while incorporating many different concepts, commonly accept magic in the rational world. Magical realism art is commonly used to refer to art that portrays unreal or magical elements. Magical Realism takes advantage of our emotional reservoirs. Magic Realism movement developed after the World War 1. For many … More Magic Realism Movement

White Mountain Art

The White Mountain art is a movement started in the 19th century by more than four hundred artists who painted landscape scenes of the White Mountains of New Hampshire. They aim was to promote the region and thus sell their works of art. In the 19th century, several artists arrived in the area surrounding the … More White Mountain Art