Drawing a Sea

The world has so many habitats that it can sometimes be stubborn and unimaginable to jot down onto paper. These places include jungles, deserts, oceans, forests, and much more. The sea is one of the most common landscapes because it covers 90% of the world land. In this tutorial, I will show how to draw … More Drawing a Sea

Characteristics of Watercolor Paint

Watercolors are non-toxic and water-based paints that are thinned with water. They are also non-smelly and their paintbrushes are easily cleaned with water and soap. Additionally, the paint equipment is very lightweight and easy to transport. Because of the ease of use, clean-up and portability, watercolors are great for doing quick studies or sketches. They … More Characteristics of Watercolor Paint

Futurism Art Movement

Futurism is the most important art movement in the 20th century that sought to celebrate urban modernity and advanced technology. Committed to the new, the group members wished to eliminate the older form of culture and show the beauty of modernity– the beauty of the speed, change, violence and machine. Although the movement fostered some … More Futurism Art Movement