Careers in Drawing

Your love for drawing does not have to end with an art class in high school. Talent with a paper and a pencil can translate into various job opportunities. While some freelance artists rely on great portfolio and word-of-mouth, many aspiring designers and artists pursue at lease a bachelor’s degree. Here are some careers in drawing you may be interested in:

Freelance Artists

If you have established drawing skills, you may end up working as freelance artists. These artists work independently, drawing or making sketches that they then sell via the internet or directly to galleries and boutiques. Others corroborate and work as illustrators. Still others become cartoonists, offering political cartoons or comic strips for magazines and newspaper.


Normally, animators work in industries such as software development, television and film, turning ideas into video games and movies. Although some animators use computer to create animations, other still draw by hand. For instance, some animators draw storyboards of ideas provided to them by designers, offering first form to key plot points, environment and characters.

Graphic Designers

Graphic designers work mainly in public relations and advertising, making logos and others types of advertising for businesses. Graphic design work combines computer-aided design and hand-drawing.

Sketch Artists

These artists work in courtrooms and police departments, making drawings by hand. In police departments, sketch artists make sketches of suspects based on victims or witness descriptions. Since their work must be finished within a short period, sketch artists should be able to work under pressure.



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