Making an Addition Sculpture

Although there are numerous types of sculpture, they are generally divided into two main groups: addition sculpture and reduction sculpture. Addition sculptures are created where materials such as wax, clay, cardboard and clay are added to create new forms. On the other hand, reduction sculptures are created when materials such as stone, wood, and ice are taken away to make a new form. This article provides the basic on addition sculpture.

First, you need to sketch your sculpture in order to get an idea of how the shapes will meet up. After making a sketch, create a base. It is a good idea to create a base and make the sculpture on it.

Second, create an armature. An armature is a “support structure” that acts like sculpture’s bones. It is very important for parts such as legs or arms. After creating an armature, fill in the basic form with materials such as newspaper, cardboard, painter’s tape, aluminium or tin foil. Add on and remove materials as necessary, going from larger details to smaller details. After making the general form, start creating the finer details such as fingers, toes, the curve and outline of muscles, eye, hair, etc.

To create more realistic look, add textures to the sculpture. Sculptors use sculpturing tools when adding texture or create their own from household tools. The addition of texture is followed by curing the sculpture by either baking it or allowing it to dry.

Finally, paint the sculpture. Painting or colouring should be done after baking. Depending on the material used to make the sculpture, you may be required to use special paints. For instance, painting polymer clay needs model enamel paint.



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