A Sketching Career

A sketching is a type of drawing that is done freehand. It is a technique used to make initial representations of final designs or drawings. However, in some cases, artists make final pieces by sketching. Many sketches are made with graphite sticks and pencils, with varying degrees of hardiness. Softer graphite leaves darker lines and … More A Sketching Career

American Scene Painting

American scene painting is a style of painting that was common during the first half of the 20th century. Artists of the movement displayed landscape and typical life in America. American scene is a general term encompassing the urban ‘Social Realism’ and the rural ‘American Regionalism’. American scene painting does not refer to an organized … More American Scene Painting

Careers in Drawing

Your love for drawing does not have to end with an art class in high school. Talent with a paper and a pencil can translate into various job opportunities. While some freelance artists rely on great portfolio and word-of-mouth, many aspiring designers and artists pursue at lease a bachelor’s degree. Here are some careers in … More Careers in Drawing